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 Date:  Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:01:50 -0400
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Mark" <Mark.Charlton(at)>,
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Nope.  I suggested that, but they whined and said it's too confusing for our
clients to be forced to type in a period and the extension of the asp file
(which, sadly, I believe).  I argued my case, but in the end senior
management ultimately agreed with Marketing.

Incidentally, we are running IIS.


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> Couldn't you just put the re-direction files in the root and have then
> that way.
> That way there would not be lots of directories, granted there would be a
> lot more files, but files are easier to control/track
> Regards
> Mark
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> I work for a company that lays it thick on the marketing side.  We send
> tons of email, fax and snail-mail promotions to our clients.  Many, many
> times, our marketing department wants me to create a shorter URL so the
> people they promote to don't have to type out long URLs.
> Instead of:
> They want something like:
> So I oblige, create the new folder, which has an index page redirecting to
> the longer URL so we can do our tracking.
> The problem is that, over the course of these past few months, we now have
> a lot of silly little folders on our web server taking up space and making
> it more and more difficult to find the folders containing actual
> content.  We can't delete these folders because marketing wants to hold
> onto them for a months at a time.
> I'd be interested in how anyone with a similar headache handles this
> situation.  Do you create virtual directories?  Another option?
> Mike Taylor

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