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by "Steve Mount" <steve(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 23 May 2000 21:41:25 -0400
 To:  "Andrew Sturmey" <andrew.sturmey(at)>,
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This is what I do.

I have live pages, and template pages.  The template pages reside in a
directory on my server outside of the base web directory, so they are
accessible only directly on the server.  The template pages contain the
unique content of each page.  On a page, I have tags:


I have a Perl script that takes each template page, and translates the
"template tags" into HTML.  The header includes all the stuff you'd expect:
DOCTYPE, head, title, navigation bars, etc.  The footer contains the
copyrighty, disclaimery stuff, and closes the body and html tags.  I can
reformat my entire site in one command to rebuild the live pages from the

This is not an original idea - my understanding is that FrontPage does
something very similar, as does DreamWeaver, I've heard.  But it suits my
purposes, is quick, easy to understand and modify.  I have the benefits of
frames, with a static "frame" for the header and another "frame" for the
footer, but there are no frames - just the benefits :)  Eventually, I got
tired of logging into the server to generate the live pages, and I wrote a
small script to do it via the web ... the whole system is very extensible,
to whatever my imagination can imaginate.

Hope that helps.

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> Can anyone assist?
> I've been asked to design a site.  Three requirements of it that I'm
> trouble meeting with a single solution:
> - It must be really light on bandwidth.
> - It has to have a chunk of standard navigational stuff at the top of each
> page, and some corporate copyrighty, disclaimery stuff at the bottom of
> page.
> - It may not use frames in any capacity.
> Ordinarily I'd either put the non-changing stuff in alternate frames to
> browsable stuff, or I'd use server-side includes to churn out the same
> at the top and bottom of each page.
> Since server-side includes are a no go area as they'd have to be
> retransmitted in each page, I thought a cachable client side include would
> be in order.  Never having done this before I looked to the official html
> specification for answers.
> The obvious way to do this looked like using an <OBJECT> tag to include
> same two files in each page, but when I did this, I got horrible IFRAMEish
> looking bits appear *groan*.
> Any ideas on how I can just include chunks of other pages in a page
> having to have kludgy looking bits?

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