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>I agree that knowing how to code raw HTML is critical.
>However, once you know
>how to do that, the productivity increase you can get out of
>using Homesite,
>Arachnophilia, or (WYSIWYG) Dreamweaver will blow you away.

The productivity increase may be beneficial, however, when one attempts to
validate the code, insure that the site is accessible for visually impared
users, one will tend to spend more time correcting the code that was
generated by Dreamweaver or another WYSIWYG program that your productivity
will actually slow down.  I guess it all depends on what your standards are.

If the goal is not in complete validation and accessibility standards, this
is fine, but when you are developing major corporate web sites,
accessibility and validation are mandatory issues....especially in

The best thing to do, in my humble opinion, is explain to the client that a
quality web site will take time.  At my shop we tell the client at least 90
days for a finished product ready for publication.  This gives us plenty of
time for design and implementation from front end to back end.  The way I
prefer to handle it is to create a set of templates that validate in the
first place, then use those for the development of the site.  It makes life
much easier and keeps the ulcers at bay.

William E. MacLeod
Innotrac Corporation
Web Services

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