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Do a google search for an app called "shellout.exe". This small file will
allow you to open any file using it's default viewer on the user's pc. Your
autorun.inf file should read something like this: 'AUTORUN=SHELLOUT.EXE
mypage.html'. You need to do this as the autorun file requires an exe
extension to run. From there, you simply code the absolute url of the files
you are trying to access on the Internet into the page that opens (e.g. For the local files on the CD, you
just use a relative url to call the Excel files (e.g. if your doc1.xls is in
the same folder as the page, the link is : <.a
href="doc1.xls">link<./a> )and the browser will call either the ActiveX
plugin or the default viewer. NB - make sure that you burn the autorun.inf
file AND shellout.exe to the root of the CD.

Having said this, if you have access to a copy of Macromedia Director, that
would provide a much more elegant solution.


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> Hello all,
> Let me explain what I am trying to do.
> I have burned copies of excel documents on cd to distribute to our
> vendors.  I am making a html page to use on the CD to serve as an intro
> and to link to the individual documents, with an explanation of each, on
> the CD along with possibly a few graphical links to info on products we
> manufacture that would send the user to a web site.  All parties we deal
> with have excel and internet connections, so that aspect should not be a
> problem.
> I have looked at a few autorun files and all though all are 3 or 4 lines
> of text, they all vary some what.  I need the CD to start when placed in
> the drive and call up the default browser to view the page that is
> loaded on the cd with all the needed elements.  Then I am not sure how
> to code the links to the files on the CD, but am thinking it would have
> to point to the root directory where the files are saved and hope that
> based on the file type, opens excel for viewing these documents.  Since
> the user is looking at the "burned" page on the browser I'm hoping a
> normal link to the web site pages will work from there.
> Sorry this is so long.  I never tried anything like this but feel that
> if done properly all this can work.  Any help or direction to turn to
> get info would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Chris
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