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Dear All,

I hope you can help me with this problem, it is getting me down.

I have a web-page with a number of file downloads in *.zip format - the
files were zipped up using WinZip. The downloads work fine when accessed
by my users with IE (all versions). However, when users using Netscape
access the files they load into a white screen on Netscape and show part
of the header of the file in black text, rather than downloading the
file to their hard-disks as it should.

The page is:

I have tried deleting and re-inputting/re-writing the html code from
scratch; I have deleted and re-created the files and now I am at a loss.
A friend in America who does exactly the same thing on his pages (with
another server) has no problems at all and has suggested that it is
something to do with the incorrect MIME Type being set on the server.

Any ideas ?



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