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by "Nancy Whittley" <jnwhittley(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 9 May 2000 11:13:09 -0400
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I answered my own question, found the link.  For those interested here it

Images are free to use, please give credit to the creator, and link to
their site.  Very good resource.


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Subject: state images

> A while back either I stumbled across or someone here
> posted a link to a website that offers various sized gif images
> of all the States.  It was a very nice site.  I have gone
> through all my bookmarks and can not find this site.
> I have searched and searched under every word combination
> I can think of for state images, or state gifs, and can't find it.
> Does anyone ever remember seeing a site that is just for images
> of the states?  It has them in all colors, and sizes, and they are there
> for people to use in projects.

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