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 Date:  Mon, 18 Sep 2000 08:13:05 -0500
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Hi, Trevor.
SMI is still taking on beta testers for the Escapade scripting engine.
It'll do exactly what you need, and we host the application pages for people
without cgi or MySQL support on their own domains.  All free for beta test
sites.  Take a look at and if it's something
you'd be interested in, contact me offlist.


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> Hi
> Can I ask you all to help solve a problem a poetry site is having, they
> needs help, any poet-programmers out there please take
> look at our problem.
> look at:
> At the moment, when somebody submits a poem, the contents of the form are
> e-mailed to the administrators of the site. We are looking for a way to
> automatically add the new submission into the HTML table on the page:
> At this time, they cannot host CGI on their server. (this will be
> implemented later.) And they don't have the knowledge to write a script
> could do this. Is there anyone out there that could help write and host a
> script that could take the information submitted by the form, write the
> person's name in the table, and then write another HTML page with the
> person's poem and information on it, and then link the persons name on the
> page to his poetry?
> Thanks
> Trevor Lockwood
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