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 Date:  Thu, 19 Sep 2002 15:43:45 -0500
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I've fixed the problem I had at This is the
situation where the image repeated itself in large resolutions. I used
CSS to center the image. BUT, now my customer would prefer using larger
images on the index page, contact, and About, much like the set-up
that's on the Dedications page, instead of having a colored background
that shows in larger resolutions and on larger monitors. Also, I have
bgproperties=fixed, which he really liked. SO, I guess my issue can I enlarge the ocean background and clouds background to
1024 without making it look too distorted? I've already explained about
the slower load time, but apparently it doesn't matter to him. So,
anyway, how can I get the images with Clouds and Mountains to come out
like the Dedications page?

Karen Stafford
Noteworthy CyberSolutions
"Big Business Solutions on a Small Business Budget"

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