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 Date:  Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:13:34 +0200
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This can be accomplished using ASP if you're on IIS.

It's not quite as basic as you might think, but there are tutorials and
source code available from


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Subject: Search in Frontpage

> Forgive me if this is very basic, but I cannot figure out how to have
> FrontPage create a search.
> What I am needing is a page where the user can search for specific
> criteria (from an Access Database).  I can set up the search, but not
> only do I want the information to appear, I want a web page with a
> thumbnail next to the address to appear (such as you would see in an
> online catalog).
> Is there someplace I can go to read up on how to accomplish this?  The
> server is running Windows 2000 with IIS.
> Thanks!
> Juliana
> juliana(at)

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