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 Date:  Thu, 20 Dec 2001 06:39:35 -0800
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Responses in HWG-Techniques notwithstanding, are you aware there's a list
specifically set up for CSS questions? It's HWG-Style, and has been pretty
dead lately. Why not ask future CSS questions there to help breathe some
life back into that list? Granted, a lot of the people who read HWG-Style
also read this one, but since that's what that list's focus is, what can it
hurt? :-)

Regarding your specific question, Klaas' and Josué's answers seem to take
care of it...


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Subject: hover,link css question

> Hi everyone.
> Hope some of you are around to answer this.
> I just did a small test of the hover/link css that is driving me nuts.
> Please check this out
> 3 links with the CSS definition at the top.
>  From the definition of the "link" parameter", the links should have no
> underline. The problem I have is that sometimes the links do and sometimes
> they don't. And if they do, by clicking "refresh", the links appear.
> Am I going crazy or what? This is the simplest thing and yet I can't see
> where this is messing up.
> (All in IE of course).
> Nate
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