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 Date:  Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:44:02 -0500
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Paint Shop Pro always adds the redundant colspan and rowspan attributes when
you slice and image with it. I usually remove all the extra garbage when I'm
done testing it. This wasn't the cuase of the problem, just makes the code
messier and more bloated. Unfortunately Your suggestion didn't work. I
butted all the cells up together and it's still broken.

I could use cbirds suggestion of using the left and right sides as regular
images rather than backgrounds, which works fine, however, if the height of
the content goes beyoud the height of the images, it will be broken again,
which is why I was using them as backgrounds so they would stretch with the
page if needed.

Lisa Bradshaw ,  Web Designer

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> Lisa,
> First off, get rid of the redundant rowspan=1 and colspan=1
> attributes.  They are default and do not need to be explicitly
> stated.  Removing them provides for cleaner code.  :)

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