Re: Page Critic Needed

by "Karin Christensen" <karin(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 8 Sep 2002 13:21:17 -0700
 To:  <hwg-techniques(at)>
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> looks in differnet browsers on different platforms.
> The address is:
> I have added a JavaScript in it, to change the .css file, according to the
> screen resolution. Almost all of the links are dead. Thanks.

I have my screen resolution set to 1024 X 768 but I keep my browser open to
800 wide.  The design sort of falls apart or at least doesn't really look
that great with the browser open full screen.  I don't get a horizontal
scroll bar at full screen, though.

I design sites for 800 X 600 since that is currently the most popular screen
resolution and knowing the most people with higher resolutions don't usually
have their browsers at full screen.  I really don't appreciate sites that
require me to open the browser to full screen to view them.  In the case of
your site there isn't any reason to have it that large.

The navigation text next to the computer graphic are nearly the same color
as the dark background making them hard to read.


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