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 Date:  Sat, 28 Jul 2001 20:36:15 -0700
 To:  "D Benfer" <dmb(at)>,
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> Sorry about the OT post, but I have been asking everyone under the sun
> this and who better to ask then my fellow web-design compatriots??
> I recently saw a domain address that is available which I was shocked was
> available. I wondered why on earth this domain hadn't been snagged up
> sooner. It's not the next 'Ebay' or 'Yahoo', but a decent website addy
> nonetheless. Anyway, I did a brief search through some search engines and
> the domain name did pop up. It is listed on a Brazilian website. The
> at the bottom of the site says, "(c) Copyright <MY ADDY>" (No, I won't
> out the domain, as I still have not registered it yet). But their web
> address is on a FREE server, not on the actual domain itself! They don't
> the domain name! I translated the site, and it says "Coming Soon". It also
> says "All Rights Reserved". So I went to do a US Copyright Office search
> their telnet system, but it must be down. Keeps kicking me off.
> SO ANYWAY... Here is my question to all of you: Do I go ahead and snatch
> the domain before them?? Obviously they have plans for it, but the name
> a new set of tools we've been working on so darn perfectly I don't want to
> let it go. All the page they have up shows is a place to sign up for a
> service they will be producing soon. I've searched all over and they
> actually have placed ads on some other Brazilian sites with the domain
> address in the ad!
> Advice is greatly appreciated.
> Darren Benfer
> dmb(at)
> "I never truly grew up, I just learned to behave in public."

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