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by "Maggie Carr" <m.a.carr(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 6 Sep 2000 13:42:39 -0400
 To:  "the head lemur" <lemurs(at)>,
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Head Lemur,

I read with care your comments about the importance of network
configuration, PWS, and FTP, and noted your comment that:

:The original poster wanted to know how to connect two machines in the
:windows 98 environment. He received a number of responses with varying
:degrees of accuracy and and explanation.

and I wondered why this would be considered a technique, rather than be
referred to the HWG - Servers mailing list, which the Guild specifies:

"This list is to be used by HTML Writers Guild to discuss matters
related to administrating and operating a World Wide Web server,
including CGI and server-side programming, HTTPD configuration,
and other server issues"

One of the best things about the techniques list is the variety of topics,
and to me it is at it's best when it provides an overview of postings of
questions and answers, or suggested links to a particularly good reference
on the web. At times it seems to cross over to other hwg lists' areas of

So I suppose that's my queue to unsubscribe because I am not clear on what
is appropriate for this list and I am not a Head anything, more like the


:> I'm glad you mentioned it, I feel the same.
:> I think the idea to take requests for help with things peripheral to web
:> development techniques off-list after an initial request is an excellent
:> compromise.
:If the issues of maintaining your hardware and software including peer-to
:peer and client server issues are not germane to the techniques list, a bit
:of reality may be in order.
:Getting your pages off your harddrive and onto a server is a technique that
:has a number of issues that are germane to this list in My opinion.
:The original poster wanted to know how to connect two machines in the
:windows 98 environment. He received a number of responses with varying
:degrees of accuracy and and explanation.
:I did not see mention of needing a crossover cable ( a special but
:network  cable which is necessary for Two machine communication)
:The peer-to-peer network in Win98 uses Net BUEI as the Default protocol to
:establish a connection.
:Once you have established communication between machines, you can then
:change protocols.
:TCP/IP is preferred as it is the best protocol for being able to name and
:locate resources and peripherals such as printers , drives, directories,
:across networks.
:It has the added benefit of helping to create an understanding of the I.P
:addressing schema used on the web for accessing web pages on servers across
:town or across the world.
:In windows98 you get PWS or personal web server, which is a software tool
:allow you to experiment with MS specific tools such as .asp pages, database
:connections, mail, and frontpage for creating sites. It also gives you
:experience in form handling, which are the most important pages you will
:ever create for clients.
: The Money Page
:Knowing about FTP clients (software used for establishing a connection to
:another machine to enable publication of webpages) is also important as
:their are a number of supported protocols here also.
:Knowing what software is used for form handling on shared hosts dictates
:what is possible for interactivity for your sites and client sites.
:Knowing the hardware requirements for the software/operating system you
:use for design, viewing, publication, updating ; memory, disk space, and
:transfer protocols also are techniques.
:Understanding the assets and liabilities of server setups, operating
:systems, file handling, image manipulation, connection technologies from
:modems to T1 lines, database creation, access, records, and their hardware
:requirements are also techniques.
:Platform specific issues are important in determining how you upload and
:display across the web and/or  to the machine next door in the case of
:peer-to-peer or a Intranet.
:> We all stand to lose learning something helpful if people decide against
:> posting a question to the group over a concern about appropriateness -
:> your suggestion, people are free to ask, but the list remains largely on
:> subject of techniques.
:All of the above which are techniques, which are  usually gained through
:bloody sleepless days and nights of hammering at the keyboard or are freely
:giving in exchanges such as these lists.
:Regardless of what you use to code with, view with and request help on
:issues mostly regarding display items, if you do not get your pages on a
:server, your endeavors remain an intellectual exercise.
:alan herrell - the head lemur
:Campaign 2000
:money for pixels

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