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 Date:  Wed, 12 Dec 2001 02:03:22 -0800
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I am in hopes I did this email correctly so that no one else sees your email

A friend sent this to me and when I checked, I did have the virus.  I may
have sent it to you.  The fix is real easy.  I commend you check and fix it.
Please check your computer soon as possible. I did have this virus and
chances are you have it too since you're all in my address book. It lies
dormant for 14 days, then kills your hard drive. Here's how to stop it. If
you've got it, end this to everyone in your address book. Sorry for the

The directions for removing it are easy.
1. Go to "start" - then to "find or search"
(depending on your computer).
2. In the "search for files or folders" type in
sulfnbk.exe - this is the
virus name.
3. In the "look in" make sure you're searching Drive
4. Hit "search" button (or find).
5. If this file shows up (it's an ugly blackish icon
that will have the name
"sulfnbk.exe") DO NOT OPEN IT.
6. RIGHT click on the file - go down to delete and
LEFT click.
7. It will ask you if you want to send it to the
recycle bin, click yes.
8. Go to your desktop (where all your icons are) and
double click on the
 recycle bin.
9. Right click on sulfnbk.exe and delete again - or
empty the bin.

 If you find it send this email to all your address book, because that's how
it's transferred.

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