Re: Sending mass emails in HTML format - it gets worse...

by "Maggie Carr" <m.a.carr(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 1 Sep 2000 14:24:53 -0400
 To:  "Mike Taylor" <lonewolf(at)>,
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:Thoughts on this?  Am I totally off base and there is a way to do this on
:a mass scale WITHOUT alienating the people out there who have mail
:programs that don't support HTML and don't know to filter the HTML code

Unless something amazing happens, HTML email is something I wouldn't begin
to try to work around. I've had such a bad time of this, I've included in
the initial service agreement that we don't do it.

If you think HTML is unstable - I can't even get a consistent result on a
small ASCII design (my logo, a dragonfly). Thought it would be kind of nice
to send it in plain text, which I use a great deal. While someone in Canada
using a text-only mailreader (can't even send her an attachment) said the
result was perfect, a UK associate said it was unrecognisable, even when
converted to sans-serif fonts. I checked that the characters I used were all
ISO okay.
This is it:

                \ /
I had originally used bullet points (0149) : Netscape 4.7 converted each one
to &bul&bul&bul. You'd think they could do better than that. I sent it in
plain-text only messages, and wondered if the recipient program tried to
open everything as HTML anyway, and converted what should be <br> to <p>

So, if this dragonfly got mangled in the ethers, you could show your
client(s) that even the ISO set is susceptible to a who-knows-what...

And - if anybody might be able to tell me how to ensure that the initial
spaces are held so this little thing doesn't end up looking like I scraped
it off somebody's windshield, I'd really appreciate it.


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