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by "Andy Innes" <innax(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 31 Mar 2002 09:18:02 +0200
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IE 5.5 Win 98SE 1024 x 768
NN 4.78 Win 98SE 1024 x 768
Opera 5.12 Win 98SE 1024 x 768

It's a great looking site - just one or two problems:

In all the browsers there is a large gap between the left hand curve and the
top bar (viz. between cut-main_fix.jpg and your cell background specified by
'bgcolor="#62C4C3" height="14" width="50%" '.)

In Opera and NN the whole left-hand navbar (from "Diabetes Information" down
to "to top of page") is shifted about 15px to the right.

These problems are not apparent when viewing the page at 800x600, so, at a
glance, I would say it has something to do with your percentage width
specifications. If working with 100% wide tables that contain fixed-width
cells, I generally use a ridiculous width specification in the right-hand
table cells of "2000" which forces the content to the left, but does not
exceed the 100% specification in the table tag.

Under News and Events, your size 1 font face will be impossible for Mac
users to read. (they'll be able to tell you better than I, but this has been
my experience)

One thing that does not affect the look of the page, but bothers me
personally: in your meta tags, you have doc-rights = copywritten work,
unless you mean that the copy has been written by so and so, you might want
to change that to read "copyrighted work", indicating that copyright



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Subject: Critique Request: (page load test)

> Greetings Group
> I am testing site load times for
> We are looking at making modifications and I would like to get some
> input on how long KEY PAGES in the site take to load from various
> parts of the country.
> Please feel free to comment on ANY aspect of the site with one
> caveat..we ARE redesigning the site.
> All comments greatly appreciated, specifically on the following pages:
> - Home Page
> - Test page for shopping cart
> - Main page for the monthly
> newsletter
> Please if possible, specify:
> Operating system
> Connection Speed
> Browser Info
> State/Country
> Connect Time Comments: (can be in any fashion from actual time to "fast",
> "slow", "real slow", "real fast")
> Thank you in advance
> Preston Davis
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