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 Date:  Mon, 25 Sep 2000 14:00:07 -0400
 To:  "Satch Reed" <satchreed(at)>,
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May we see the code that Dreamweaver produced?  

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> Hi folks:
> I have a page with about 20 thumbnail photos on it. When a
> visitor clicks on the thumbnails, a window pops up so that
> they can view a larger version of the photo.
> I've been experiencing two sets of irregularities with this.
> 1. When a visitor clicks on the first window it comes up
> fine. When they click on the second window, it creates the
> new window, but it's minimized (or sometimes behind the main
> window). It doesn't seem to matter whether the first window
> has been closed or not.
> 2. The other problem is that if there's the slightest
> movement of the mouse when clicking on the thumbnail, it
> puts the thumbnail in the popup window (which has the
> appropriate size for the larger photo).
> In creating this page, I used dreamweaver and their "open
> browser window" behavior. I looked at the script that it
> produces, and didn't see anything unusual about it.
> If any one could advise as to a better way to build this
> mousetrap, I'd appreciate it greatly.
> Thanks
> Satch Reed
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