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 Date:  Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:02:37 -0400
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Beyond the usual browser settings you can check into, you might also want to
check with your network administrator about their use of a proxy server, if
any.  The cached page is likely being pulled there if they use one.


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Subject: Word Document in Cache

> On our Intranet, we have some Word documents which now have
> to be updated.  Even after posting, the document that comes
> up in the browser is the old version, which must be coming up
> out of cache, because the old one doesn't exist on the server
> anymore.  The usual ctrl-refresh or shift-refresh does not
> work to force a new version from the server.
> Does anyone know how to force a new version of a Word
> document to be displayed in a browser over an old one from
> cache?  I checked the Microsoft Knowledge Base and there is
> an issue without a solution noted there about putting a
> no-cache or expires meta-tag on the page, so that would not
> work.
> We are using IIS4 and IE 4 and 5.  Any light you could shed
> greatly appreciated!
> Amy Gosse
> Children's Health System

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