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by "Karin Christensen" <karin(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 18 Sep 2002 12:57:18 -0700
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When I used align = "center" as an img attribute, first of all it doesn't
work and second it does not validate, in fact is not allowed.

I'm just going to use <.center> where I need it.  It does seem to work.


> Tell you what, use align="center" as an Image attribute (with DTD
> of 4.01 or XHTML) and run it thru a Validator. Then use
> align="middle" to see the difference.
> You'll notice I did not say, "middle is the same as center", I
> suggested it to fix the problem. It also works in most (if not
> all) Browsers and OSs.
> It may be deprecated, but of the alternatives, it is the best of
> the worst. Using CSS for aligning the block or inline element,
> only leaves this one error -- and that is only if one is using
> "strict" mode which most still do not.
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