Re: which dynamic web language?

by "Michael Gerholdt" <gerholdt(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:10:45 -0500
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Enough has probably been said on this, but I realized that my early response
never made the list ... playing with my email address ...


This is the kind of question which invites near religious dispute.

ASP and ASP.NET on Windows and IIS combined with MS SQL (NOT Access,
please!) will surely be around for some time to come, and they are good
market choices.

PHP primarily on Linux and Apache with mySQL is another viable choice.

CF (Cold Fusion) is well liked by those who use it, somewhat disdained as
less than absolutely qualified for the market by others. I'd stay away from
it as a central tool; it's a strong  niche environment, but a niche
environment nonetheless.

perl has a strong heritage but has been replaced as an efficient web
development tool by PHP, Python, etc. perl just isn't that easy to be
productive in. It's not web-specific as is PHP. It can do anything PHP can
do, but one has to know more and for what?

It's a bit of a strange question. One chooses what tools to use depending on
the environment they are in. I develop mostly in VBScript, ASP in a Windows
environment; but also in PHP in a Linux environment.

I prefer ASP but that's largely because I am more familiar with it. PHP is
quite nice.

I would provide two tracks and focus on each. Or on both. Do a project in
ASP; replicate it in PHP.

If you can choose only one, you would not go wrong with either ASP or PHP.

Michael Gerholdt

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