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 Date:  Mon, 22 May 2000 13:59:17 -1000
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To stop IE from automatically dialing out, you have to do one or two things,
& they are both in your internet properties--in the connections section:
1. Click on connections tab if you haven't on the LAN
settings button.  Make sure that the box "automatically detect settings" is
unchecked. If this box is checked, it overrides any other settings you may
have.  Then click "OK".
2. You then have 3 choices.  If you choose "Never dial a connection"...the
only way to connect will be via the DUN.  If you choose "Dial whenever a
network connection is not present you will get the same behavior you are
getting now...always dialing when you are offline.  If you choose "always
dial my default connection" it will automatically connect when you activate
a program that requires a connection, like your browser or your email (this
is my personal choice...but make your own on your needs).  After making your
connection choice, click "Apply" in the lower right hand corner.
If this does not work, then your version of IE is corrupted & you'll need to
either over-install (IE4), or repair it (IE5--via the add/remove programs in
Control Panel)
I (& many others) had this problem & this is the solution that seemed to
work for all of us.

Happy coding!
Lady Wistfulee
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> I cleared the history, but the home page still shows up.  Lord
knows from where.

Go to <control panel><Internet Properties>General tab, and click
"use blank" under Home Page.

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