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 Date:  Wed, 24 May 2000 13:23:55 -0400
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I usually use PHP and insert a little script to write all post variables in
as hidden variables

// 2ndform page
<form action="3rdform.php" method="post">
while(list($key,$value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {
print "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"$key\" value=\"$value\">\n";
... rest of form...

and do the same thing until the last form whose action goes to the mailer

if magic quotes are on you might need to use stripslashes()

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| hi denise,
| the most cumbersome way i've ever done this was to have a hidden frame on
| page that had a form on it that actually collected all the data.  so, the
| page loads and the user sees a few questions on a form.  the user does not
| see a 1px frame on the right that has a form with a bunch of hidden fields
| in it.  they fill out those questions and click next, a javascript
| is called that writes the answers to the form on the hidden frame and the
| main frame changes to a second set of questions.  user fills out, clicks
| next, more answers written to the hidden frame, etc.  on the last page,
| submit button submits the form in the hidden frame.
| this is cumbersome and, of course, only works if your users have
| turned on.  my example was from a corporate intranet where we had a very
| good idea of what people were using to view pages.
| another avenue to explore would be to write information to a cookie and
| read it back in on your last page to submit all the data.  if you do a
| server-side cookie, it should work; if you do a client-side cookie, it
| of course, only work if the user allows cookies.
| hth,
| rebecca
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| I have a form I want to put on a website, but it is rather long and I
| think that it would be best split onto several pages.
| What is the best way to send so much information?  I've done a
| form which uses a cgi script to turn the information into an email,
| but I had a lot of help in modifying the script (it was supplied by the
| ISP).
| How has anyone else dealt with this?
| Denise

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