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Thanks to all for the suggestions.  The nested frame is what I finally
figured out on my own.  Sometimes it takes a good night's sleep before the
answer comes to me!

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> Actually... now that I think of it...
> Just do this:
> PAGE1 = frame_left + frame_right
> PAGE2 = frame_child1 + frame_child2
> PAGE3 = frame_child1 + frame_child2
> Put Page2 inside frame_right
> Now, from frame_left, you can target frame_right and let page 3 load.
> the TWO frames (actually one with a nested frameset) will load the source
> html files defined for page3.
> I use this on (bottom navigation causes left middle and
> content to change, left navi only targets content) and
>, same thing.
> Quite obvious, no?
> It's only when you have frames that don't seperate vertically or
> horizontally that you have to use javascript.  And even then.... maybe you
> can define a target with the meta http-equiv refresh tag...  Don't know.
> - Kayjey -

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