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 Date:  Thu, 20 Dec 2001 09:05:58 -0500
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I checked it out in IE 6 and all the links were underlined, but the hover
worked fine. Here's the problem I found:
Go to tools>internet options>advanced, and scroll down to Underline Links.
There are 3 radio button options. Always, Hover and Never. If always is
checked it overrides your style sheet. If hover or never is checked it will
work. The suck thing is you have no control over how other people have their
browsers set up. Good ole M$ does it again! Now I know for future purposes.


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> Hi everyone.
> Hope some of you are around to answer this.
> I just did a small test of the hover/link css that is driving me nuts.
> Please check this out
> 3 links with the CSS definition at the top.
>  From the definition of the "link" parameter", the links should have no
> underline. The problem I have is that sometimes the links do and sometimes
> they don't. And if they do, by clicking "refresh", the links appear.
> Am I going crazy or what? This is the simplest thing and yet I can't see
> where this is messing up.
> (All in IE of course).
> Nate
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