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I have always received a renewal notice first by email, then shortly after
by snail mail.
This notice comes about 30 days before the renewal date, and you have up to
10 days after the date of expiration to renew.  After that they dissable the
domain.    I made the mistake of losing my renewal, and forgetting about
one, and it had been dissabled and was down for a couple of days, when I
went in and renewed, and within 24 hrs it was up again.

You can go to the Who Is portion of NS's site, and look up each domain, and
a date is given there.

I also will get notices from other companies wanting me to renew with them
before NS sends me theirs.

Hope this helps..
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Subject: Domain Renewal Question

> Dear Friends,
> I do not know if this is the right question to ask here, but since it's
> a month and I have not recieved any kind of response from the help desk at
>, I thought I would ask the question here.
> I have a client who has lost track as to when some of his domains will be
> due for renewal. I would like to know if "Network Solutions" sends an
> "upcoming domain renewal" e-mail to the administrative contact of the
> domain??? Also how many days is one given to renew ones domain???
> I would appreciate some advice from the people who have had experiences
> domain renewals.
> Await your reply's via e-mail or post.
> Best Wishes,
> Sunil.
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