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Assuming that the sender (& recipients) have HTML email capabilities...
HTML is created two different ways: by an editor just as we do  when we
create web pages (the problem with this is that the paths to the graphics
MUST be correct.  That can be done in 2 ways...the easiest is by having the
graphics on a server & having a path to that server (Tipworld does that in
its HTML emails so that the advertising can be viewed...otherwise you get
that horrid box with the red x in it).
The second (easiest) way is to create the email right within the program
itself.  Outlook Express 4 & 5 both have a "stationery creator" that holds
one's hand through the stationery process (adds background, font, margins).
If fancy scripting is to be done, there's a program called "Scrippy" that's
popular among HTML mail enthusiasts, or one can insert any script one wants
into the source code of the email. OE then acts like a WYSIWYG editor, you
can insert graphics or anything else you want, including links.
Your next problem is having an ISP that will allow you to send out mass
emails, unless they have their own mail server, ISP's will interpret this
mass mailing as SPAM & they will be bumped off their ISP.
I have created a web site about HTML mail & how to use it, you can contact
me off-list if you want for more information.

Lady Wistfulee

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| Okay, we get it. Geeks like us hate to get HTML email. But the original
| point of this topic was that someone's BOSS was asking for it. My bosses
| also enamoured of HTML email (and are asking for it). What that suggests
| me is that, higher up the corporate food chain, there is less resistance
| HTML formatting and a benefit to be gained by the "gee whiz" nature of the
| email when the reader opens it.
| So, back to the original question: What's the best way to create and send
| such emails?
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