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by "Aline Parrone" <larlina(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 24 May 2000 21:51:21 +0800
 To:  <gwatson(at)>,
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thanks to all who helped. i took out the marquee javascript, which seemed to
be the culprit.  also put the closing tags for body and html [never thought
of checking the source codes for these  -- i thought it was being done
automatically by the editor :-) ]  it is working on netscape 4.7 now.  i
miss the marquee though.  but until i can understand how this javascripts
thing works, i think i will have to do without it for a while.

thanks guys. coming from a place where i don't know of anyone else who could
help me with these html problems, i  am really grateful for all your help
and patience.


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> I noticed that the images on the left, making up the menu bar, were
> looking for  for their location.  I wonder if that is
> because the link is written "images/xxx.gif" instead of
> "/images/xxx.gif".  However, the images at the top seem to be written in
> correctly and still won't display.
> I also noticed that the size of the images does not match the size of
> the table cells.  Does that matter?
> gail

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