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by "Lauren Hanka" <bluejay(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 27 Jul 2001 11:32:23 -0700
 To:  "Jim O'Brien" <JObrien(at)>,
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Boy, Jim, they sure got after you didn't they? I guess I'm one of the few
who had fun with this post --had quite a few rolls on the floor
yesterday! --guess it must have been all the off-list silliness! :)

You did pick up on my original worry --that someone had slipped into the
site and had done their duty out of malice. I do believe now, that it was
just a server problem --a "hiccup" as you say, but I guess it never hurts to
be a little suspicious.

I reloaded the graphic as soon as the problem was discovered, and it hasn't

Thanks for the fun you "rounded up..."

Lauren --who, by the way, has a few nice horses for sale... anyone?

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> Alright, dang it!....   Whoa now, guys and gals, cowboys and cowgirls!
> it easy, partners!
> I suppose I should have posted my apology to the board/threads but figured
> that I would keep it an offline issue and send it directly to the first
> person that was offended....  ahhhhh... but the path I chose to ride down
> led me nowhere....  :)
> I apologize if someone/everyone was offended by my choice of words.  I
> said what I said to make "bluejay(at)" feel better that in all
> likelihood none of their competitors had hacked into their site.  I never
> aimed at anyone directly.  But again I do apologize if you took offense.
> So..  let's settle up to the bar on this matter once and for all and let
> buy ya'll a drink....
> -- "the Design Guy"
> BTW:  I love horses too and have done quite a bit of riding/"hacking"
> myself.  ;)
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> Jim,
> You seem to have touched a nerve here, in that at least two other people
> have already taken offense at your blanket statement that implies that
> computer/webdesign savvy CANNOT go hand-in-hand with those who know about
> do anything with horses. I'm going to add my name to the list of people
> offended because not only do I manage a number of domains, do graphics
> and build websites, I am also a cowboy. That means I ride horses, herd
> cattle, and occasionally compete in local rodeos. I make more money with
> computer thing, but have quite a bit of fun doing the cowboy thing, too.
> two CAN go together, and frequently do.
> Perhaps you meant to say "...I doubt an equestrian competitor has a
> working for them..." If that's what you meant, I would agree with you, as
> find those who work with animals to be generally of a calmer, more
> easy-going spirit (but not always). Sure, there's competition, but it's
> usually FRIENDLY competition, and not the kind that would resort to
> malicious vandalism. Unfortunately, you didn't say this, and have insulted
> number of people with your choice of words.
> Because of this, your second paragraph seems to have been overlooked,
> is really more of the point of discussion anyway. I agree with your
> assessment that the graphic likely got corrupted somehow, either while
> sent to the server, a glitch on the server, a transmission error in coming
> back to the browser, or whatever. It's very unlikely that a cracker would
> scramble just one picture, and leave the textual data intact. My
> recommendation to Lauren would be to just resend the damaged file, clear
> browser cache, and try again. If the image corrupts a second time, then
> there might be cause for concern (but I'd still shy away from the cracker
> theory).
> Kehvan
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> > I have to agree with Mike for the most part.  Usually if someone goes to
> the
> > effort, they go all the way and do it right.  Plus, I doubt that an
> > equestrian competitor has someone with THAT much savvy anyway.
> >
> > I have had graphics scramble on me before and to date I can't
> > say what it was.  Just make sure you save the original properly.  Save
> > again and make sure it is small and easy to download.  Sometimes there
> will
> > be glitches in the server or in the browser as a web page delivers.  I
> > wouldn't be too concerned at this point.

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