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by "Kehvan M. Zydhek" <kehvan(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 31 Mar 2002 03:45:27 -0800
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Regarding the external stylesheet:

You have
<style type="text/css">
in it. That's a no-no. External stylesheets are defined by the .css
extension and should NOT include the segregators used in HTML files.

Regarding test02:

Your styles are called out using

In that you don't define what the style is for, I suspect that's where your
problem is.

A word of advice: Internet Explorer has ALWAYS been forgiving of
badly-formed code. It's not the best choice to prototype sites in, even
though it is currently the most popular and widely-used browser. Opera is
getting better, but still has display quirks when it comes to rendering
certain advanced HTML or CSS2 properties. Netscape 6.x/Mozilla is the most
standards-compliant browser for Windows at this time. I would encourage you
to try to build your sites to that browser, as 9 times out of 10, they'll
display the same in the other two.

Hope the above helps some!

By the way, your posted link was wrong (luckily, you have it on another part
of your site)... the proper link is:

Good luck!

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> I do hope so :-))
> try
>   (possibly www.)
> The bottom 3 links; all work in IE6, 2 work in NS, and one in Opera.
> (sorry about the colours, the link text is not always clear, but hopefully
> clear enough)
> thanks for any comments :-)
> Hilma
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> > Could you post a URL? I'm sure we can get it sorted for you if we could
> see it.
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> > Andrew
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