a plea for list usability

by "Lois Wakeman" <lois(at)lois.co.uk>

 Date:  Mon, 30 Jul 2001 10:21:54 +0100
 To:  "HWG techniques" <hwg-techniques(at)mail.hwg.org>
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Hi guys,

Just a tentative thought from someone who uses the digest (this probably
isn't so much of a problem if you get individual messages)

 - how about snipping only the text that's *directly* relevant to a post
when replying? That way, we don't have to wade through umpteen copies of the
previous contributions.

I guess most of you are as busy as I am - but it only takes a few seconds to
cut out all the unnecessary words in a reply, and saves all of us digest
readers collectively a *lot* more in scrolling and scanning time to get to
the new stuff.

Kind regards,

Lois Wakeman


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