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 Date:  Wed, 10 May 2000 08:55:19 -0400
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Personally I love html mail.  90% of the newsletters I get
are plain text, as the companies came out with html mail, I
opted for it.  Simply because I get so much mail, I like to quickly
glance at something, and if something catches my eye then I
read it. If not then I delete it and move on.  Where as with text
email, you have to carefully scan the whole thing to see if there is
anything of interest there.  Sometimes I just delete the text versions
for shear lack of time.

I do get junk mail, and occaisionally I get a porn solicitor, but never
have they been html.  I dont' get those very often, probably because that
is not my interest.  I get mostly solicitations from buisinesses related to
the things I like, and some I don't, like the work at home and get rich
quick mess.

There is one newsletter that I used to enjoy that I got dailey that was
and their formatting somehow went haywire, so the emails were rendered
horribly, I wrote them about the problem but never got a response and
they never fixed it.  So I had to end that one, which was a shame because
the articles were good.  But you just can't read something that is three
wide and 100 miles long.  :-)

I think if you offer your readers the option of html and text you are giving
the best of both worlds.  I personally don't think it has to be ONE or the
OTHER. Give people options and let THEM choose what they want!


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