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Don't copyright laws pertain to written works (books, articles, webpages, etc.) as opposed
to spoken words? I have never seen spoken words copyrighted! Maybe I'm wrong...I dunno!
Good question though because I designed a baseball site that has quotes from baseball
personalities throughout history, and if there is an issue, I would be interested also.


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I've been asked by someone to place a random quote on their page.  I
figured I'd just find me a book of famous quotes, stick them in a database
and write a simple script to randomize them.

Well, the person doesn't want me to do this because he's concerned about
copyright issues.  I didn't think it'd be a problem so long as you
attribute the quote to it's proper source, and I've seen countless sites
that have these stupid quotes on them (sorry, I think using quotes on a
professional site is silly, and told him so in not so many words).

Anyone know of a copyright issue with quotes used in this fashion?  It's
not like they are using it to sell something, it's just for
inspiration...though it is on a commercial site.  I would appreciate
responses from those with hard facts, not opinions on the matter,
please.  I don't want to open up a big flame war on the topic.


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