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> >Any advice or insights from anyone who has faced this PC/Mac font issue?
> Solution is simple: always use pixels as CSS units, never points, em's or
> the other stuff. Pixels are the most reliable cross-browser, cross-OS

I second the px method.  It's not only a PC/Mac issue, but an MSIE/NN issue
as well.

I find that even
has jarring differences between the two.

As far as

>patient: "doc, it hurts when i do that"
>doctor: "don't do that"

goes, that might be advisable when there's no "cure".  Different font sizes
have their place, and help the user to visually prioritize the information
on a page.  It's the same principle as using headlines.  Would anyone like
to read a newspaper -- or a web page, for that matter -- where we had to
fish about for the highlights, slogging through the copyright notice, the
disclaimers, the various and sundry links, etc etc....

Every thing you pick up now-a-days about writing copy for the web says that
people don't read, they skim.  They want the highlights and differing font
sizes help to do that.  Not to mention, they give the page a more aethetic
appeal, even on greeked pages.

At any rate, the px route probably has its drawbacks as well, but as they
say "it works for me!"


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