id vs name in Form Tags

by "Steve Mount" <steve(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 19 Mar 2002 20:46:34 -0500
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I was curious how the id attribute would work in place of the name attribute
in form tags, such as input type=text and type=checkbox.  On a test form, I
changed all name= references to id=, and loaded the page and submitted the
form.  I changed nothing else.  The form's CGI said there was no data to
process.  Running the same copy, but with name= instead of id= works as
expected.  The reason I did this is that the XHTML spec [1] says that name
is deprecated for id, and that eventually name will go away completely.
Will this break forms all over the Internet?  The spec also recommends using
both the name and the id attributes, set identically, for forwards and
backwards compatibility.  I hate it when the spec says that.  As if I don't
have enough to remember.  Any XHTML gurus have a comment?


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