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I am going back to Arachnophilia and learining basic coding all over. It
will not change these programs, so I will change my methods.  I have grown
too dependent on those programs which "contribute to my laziness"
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> Hi Chuck. great question and I hope there's some answers. Just this
morning I
> was spending time deleting those in Homesite. I did find out that if I
> them in Dreamweaver they left things like height=" " and width= " " in the
> source.
> I know I'm stuck editing the existing pages I have but I'd like to see DW
> add those for any future tables I might need.
> Cheers,
> Chuck Evans wrote:
> > Grrr. I hate Dreamweaver. Not because it isn't a good web design tool,
> > because in the hands of someone who doesn't know good, basic HTML and
> > cross-browser issues, it can be a deadly weapon.
> >
> > My question: Where do I go to learn the RIGHT way to use Dreamweaver?
How do
> > I set up DW so it doesn't mess with some nice, tight code when it opens
> > up? How do I tell DW to stop putting in table cell heights and widths
> > time someone drags a table cell border up, down or sideways? (Those dang
> > tags are a legacy pain in the patootie on my site.)
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
> >
> > Chuck Evans
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