I think I coulda walked it there quicker...

by "Maggie Carr" <m.a.carr(at)decaelo.com>

 Date:  Mon, 25 Sep 2000 22:57:40 -0400
 To:  "hwg-techniques" <hwg-techniques(at)mail.hwg.org>
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This is starting to bug me, I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same

It takes quite a few hours for anything I post to this list to show up, and
from randomly checking the header info on some of today's messages, there
doesn't seem to be a consistent turnaround time between when the messages
are sent, and the time they show up on the list. The only consistent thing
seems to be that my messages are much slower to appear than other people's,
usually 12 to 24 hrs later.

But then -

a posting I made to the list on 4th September (subject: Iteration#3) showed
up yesterday evening, 24 September.


Any suggestions (condolences?) would be welcome, my ISP cannot offer an



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