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 Date:  Fri, 15 Mar 2002 11:55:58 -0500
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    Hi Jane,
    You'll have to ask your host for the correct path to perl. Usually it's
something like #!/usr/bin/perl.
    Permissions & paths will all have to be correct for any script to
function properly. If you're not sure about them, contact the Ultimate folks
(or better yet check their website/bbs) to get answers. Or, maybe you'll get
lucky & someone who intalls the Ultimate Bulletin Board on a regular basis
will send you all the paths (& were they go in the script), &  permissions.
    ~ Paul

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> Hi folks,
> I'm sure some of you have done this before. What do I put for "path to
> perl" in the top of my Ultimate Bulletin Board cgi script? I am playing
> with this demo in anticipation of putting up real ones for use as sign up
> sheets for  certain organizations.
> I pretty much have all the files in the right place in the cgi-bin folder
> but that path to perl thing.....I had no idea if that should be changed
> and to what.
> Then, there was a  Members folder that went into the cgi-bin, and another
> folder called UBB that you were to create and put another file into..
> (Can't remember which at this point) Sometimes the directions are not
> clear about what directory things go in, but the final URL should look
> something like this example:
> Of course, right now even tho permissions have been set liberally, I get
> server misconfig error..
> Any help?
> --Jane

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