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 Date:  Wed, 24 May 2000 12:14:28 -1000
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It has been my experience that by submitting to multiple engines...the ones
that actually aren't just submitting to engines, but links pages, is the
culprit...I learned the hard way to create a web based email for each site &
use that when submitting to search engines.  They get all the spam, not
me...I check them regularly, & go to town deleting all but one or two.
Leaving my email address  on the page hasn't affected the spam content in my
personal fact the only spam I have gotten is the stuff that was
sent in to the HWG list!

my 2 centavos,
Lady Wistfulee
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: > Thanks to the spam spin doctors, putting your email address
: > on a web page will guarantee a full email inbox.
: hi dennis
: that has not been my experience
: (he said, trepidatiously, expecting the deluge to begin...)
: my email id has been on my web site since 1995, and my web site is in all
: the popular search [snip]

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