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I've used fontlister before, you can print samples of different fonts on =
the same sheet and at different point sizes, there's an old freeware =
version and an up to date $5 shareware version.

go to

Paul Roberts
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Hi Missy,

I have nearly 15,000 fonts on my computer (plus more on CDs) so I've
addressed this headache numerous times. There are several packages out
there that will help you organize your fonts as well as print out either
lists or sample sheets. Personally, I use Typograf

Many years ago, when my collection numbered only about 3,000, I made a
font book to show clients. I had it in alphabetical order, with a line
of text and the font information for each face. These days, with my
collection so big, that's not real workable. Typograf will display all
your fonts, in that font and with whatever text string you want, right
on screen. This is great when I'm trying to match a face. (It will print
out pages, too.) It also works with both TrueType (TTF) and Postscript
(Type 1) fonts, which is vital for me.

As to organizing, I don't use Windows Fonts directory. I have a
directory straight off the root (C:\) called "fonts" and then numerous
subdirectories (would you believe 36!) underneath (i.e.: dingbats,
display, grunge, serif, sans serif, script, etc.)=20

A fantastic resource for fonts and font information is the
alt.binaries.fonts newsgroup.
Nancy Foster

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Missy Scott wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Can't figure the appropriate forum for this, but I would think there =
> those here who would know how to do what it is I want to do.
> My question concerns fonts.  I have about 300, maybe more.  Not only =
do I
> need to find a way to organize them, but then to find a specific font =
> once in a while.  Just yesterday, I got a note from a client who =
wanted a
> font that had been used on a flyer to be duplicated on the site, but I =
> no idea what the font's name is.  So, I have to write the graphic =
> and ask, etc etc etc.  What I'd really like is a printout of fonts, =
> though I know it'd take the good part of a stack of paper AND a trip =
to the
> office supply for more ink.
> Suggestions for programs that will do this / methods / commiserations =
> be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Missy

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