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 Date:  Sat, 28 Jul 2001 00:24:41 +0100
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Occasional random file corruption - computers are like that.

I design electronic equipment (freelance) most of the time. Radio frequency
stuff, switchmode poawr supplies, video - that kind of stuff. Html and
JavaScript are a nice change of pace. My main web task is - -which I do in my copious free time (all pigs
fuelled and ready to fly).

I remember in one of my books a picture of Bob Pease (well known and
respected designer who [I think] works for National Semiconductor) on a flat
roof just about to throw a computer off. The caption is something like "One
computer that won't tell me any more lies".

He was amused that someone was complaining bitterly that a certain op-amp
didn't work correctly - it oscillated. It turned out that only the *computer
simulation* oscillated - the real thing worked correctly. Sigh!


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> This has happened to me too.  For some strange reason, a graphic that used
> to be okay, isn't okay anymore.  It's just one of those things.  Upload a
> new copy, and forget about it.
> btw...
> Being a person that has skills that range from being a cowboy to working
> Web is pretty darn cool, and I think that demonstrates a well-rounded
> personality.  It's strange to think, though, of all the different people
> that we interact with on this list.  It's easy to assume we are all techie
> people who sit at desks all day, but when you find out otherwise, it's a
> real eye-opener.  Kudos to you all!
> ~Val
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> > Hi everyone...
> >
> > This discussion is also being held on the Basics List, and the scrambled
> jpg
> > was *not* a result of an upload error. The files had been in place *a
> > time,* and everything was fine for *a long time.* Then, *suddenly,* one
> > the jpgs was scrambled. I think, as suggested in several other posts
> > (possibly on the Basics List), that it was a server problem. The graphic
> > *was not corrupted when it was uploaded.* O.K.?
> >
> > Lauren

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