Re: asp vs. html

by "Aline Parrone" <larlina(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 22 May 2000 00:57:40 +0800
 To:  "Michael Gerholdt" <gerholdt(at)>,
 References:  mozcom pmg
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thanks for this.  whew, i knew the less embarassing way to learn is to head
for those reference sites than ask questions in public (LOL)!
how ever did i come up to such a brilliant conclusion???  :-))


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From: Michael Gerholdt <gerholdt(at)>
> html - a markup language on a page which tells browsers what structual
> elements are on the page - or, more accurately, what structual elements to
> use when rendering content
> asp - stands for "active server pages" - these are html pages with some
> *server-side* scripting included on the page. The 'asp' extension alerts
> server that there are *server-side* chores to be done before sending the
> page out to the end user.

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