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In the top 10 browsers at my two main sites, 89% are MSIE 4 or higher, 11%
Netscape 4 or higher.  This just goes to show that you have to use your own
stats from your own site to find out your audience.

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> apathetic hunted and pecked out this message on 12/29/2001 5:51 AM
> >I really wouldn't worry about it.  Not many people use Netscape 4, and
> >less will have JavaScript turned off.
> Um, think again. My site stats say 46% were using Netscape as of
> yesterday.........
> I code specifically for Netscape (4.7.8 Communicator build) and then
> check to see if it works in IE and AOL, since many use AOL as well.......)

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