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I have NEVER had a client balk at what I state in my contract about AOL...
even the clients who use AOL. I simply explain to them that there are many
versions of the AOL browser out there, and the older browsers may be
unpredictable in how they display a site. Of course I make my sites to work
on AOL version 5 and up, because they use an IE engine. And yes, my sites
will work fine on NN4.7 as well, often with some kludging because of the use
of CSS2 and pseudo classes.

I don't just throw a page together and chuck it on the web then say "there
you have it." I test extensively to make sure my sites work in as many
browsers as possible. I spend about as much time testing as I do designing
in order to make sure the site is exactly what the client wants/expects. I
have never had complaints. Minor revisions at most... usually about a change
in content.

Lisa Bradshaw ,  Web Designer

Crescendo Web Design -
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> >I state explicitly (sp?) in my contract that I DO NOT warranty any sites
> >Web TV, PDA's, cell phones, text browsers or AOL. Sorry AOL users, but
> >there's just too many people that have been with AOL for eons and are
> >using version 3 or some other dinosaur browser. Of course if they're
> >the newer browser, my sites WILL work for them.
> What a shame since AOL is the largest internet provider out there.

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