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Pardon the CC but you seem to get digest. ;-)

1. You will need Javascript to achieve it.
2. You will need to make sure that Javascript is enabled. Otherwise, I
   advise you to let your visitors know that all they will see
   (without enabling Javascript) is an image.
3. The funda of the "pop-up when the mouse goes over text" is simple.

   You are trapping the "event" of the "mouse" going over a certain,
   definite "area". In the case of the scripts that you have found,
   this "area" happens to be certain string of text.

   If you have some basic Javascript knowledge, you should be able to
   modify the "area" to the image map "regions". If it makes it any
   easier, you could even make those "regions" as <a href="#"></a>
   links and use the onMouseOver with it.

Rest, ask Mr. Peter B. Over to you Peter... ;)


PS: Ran the first sentence through MS Grammer check. Guess what it
    said ? LOL

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From: "Diane Moos" <diane(at)>
Subject: Re: hwg-techniques-digest V1 #902

> I have a graphic of a large piece of machinery that needs to
> have hot spots so that when you run your mouse over a section,
>  a box pops up and explains what the section does. I made an
> image map and put the explanations in the ALT tag. This is the
> perfect solution,  or so I thought until I tried it in Netscape.
> I had forgotten that ALT tags don't display in Netscape.
> So,  any ideas?   I've found javascripts that will produce a
> pop-up box when the mouse is run over text,  but not over an
> image,  especially an image in an image map.   We are not
> wanting pop-up boxes of the "Javascript Alert!"  type or
> opening a new browser window,  just a modest little box.

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