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by "Frank Boumphrey" <bckman(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 11 May 2000 12:37:17 -0400
 To:  "Albert A. Modderkolk" <mdd(at)>,
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you have to reference tthe form ie if it is the first form on your page


It's best though not to put it in line, but to call a seperate function, and
put your code there. you can then do all your checking etc inside the
function and not use the onSubmit funstion.

function submitform()
 var formserror
   // error checking code here
 if (formserror==true)
   alert("there were errors");


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Subject: onSubmit and submit()

> Is it possible that the combination doesn't work?
> I have tried to use onClick="document.form.submit()" and to use the
> onSubmit on the FORM statement to do some checking.  As far as I can
> see onSubmit is then not invoked.
> Tia, Albert

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