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 Date:  Mon, 16 Jul 2001 23:46:34 +0100
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The only way I know to do that sort of thing on texst raqther than images is
to manipulate the visibility property of an absolutely positioned division
or span.

You define the division as visible or invisible using a unique id rather
than a class in the stylesheet.

Dreamweaver lets you draw and move layers, using <div> tags for the layers,
but I have found some problems with Netscape if the properties are left as
an inline style like Dreamweaver makes for you. What I do is to cut and
paste the positioning numbers from the inline style to the stylesheet

Rather than paste in code here, look at the slightly clumsy way I did
something similar (but using on mouseover not onclick) on

Andrew Armstrong

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> I am redesigning a six page site in Dreamweaver 3
> (Mac), and would like to have an image change upon
> mouseover for each of the left side navigation bar
> buttons (About Us, Projects, Staff, News, Contact Us).
> Without using frames, when a button is selected, the
> right side content would change and the navigation bar
> with image selected would still be showing. The image
> would be located on the left side above the navigation
> bar or as part of it maybe?
> Appreciate any feedback on the best way to do this for
> someone new to dhtml. Would this be javascript or css
> coded?
> Many thanks.
> I will post a summary.

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