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by "Trevor Lockwood" <trevor(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:57:09 +0100
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> Than why not create an html document? I thought pdfs were for printing
> hence the letter or A4 sizes?
> Here is an interesting article by Jakob Nielsen, "Avoid PDF for On-Screen
> Reading"

I understand the thought but pdf files will do much more than just provide
accurate print material. I rarely print anything and anyway pdf files gives
my writing a small measure of copyright protection. My Acrobat files are
always placed on a gateway page, often providing a synopsis or even the
contents of the article, providing users with the option to download.

In the UK we have problems with online access - it costs money. It is
cheaper to download and read offline. Working in international education I
also find that works in countries using fairly basic computer equipment, who
often do not have a printer.

As we move forward ebook readers, such as those of Microsoft and Adobe, may
present a better onscreen alternative but for now Adobe Acrobat does a good
job. I have used it not just for information but also for fun, see which is a short Chapbook diary I
created while cat-sitting for friends one weekend in a dire little town to
the east of London, England.

We must all live a little, life is not all about making money.


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