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Thanks to all who answered my questions.  I found one major issue was
with the security settings in Internet Explorer.  I reset them and it
works fine now.

I did also visit the W3C validator.  Oh, my what a mess of errors.  My
question is though, it is coming up with several instances of invalid
markup - but in the markup that was created by Macromedia Flash MX.  If
I change this, my flash animation will not work.  Are there ways around

Thanks again!

Juliana Halvorson
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Hi Juliana,

I can't specifically help with FrontPage, but I'll share what I see. 
Please forgive me, it is sooo tempting to blame the mysterious 
disappearance/re-appearance of a link on... well, you know. :=)

Juliana Halvorson wrote:
at the bottom you will notice some text
> links.  The problem is, one never appears.  Everything works on my end

> until I publish the site.  In between the Activity and FAQ is supposed

> to be a link to sponsors.

I see the sponsors link. Netscape7 winxp home. There are actually 2 
links to sponsors - in the first one of them the "linking text" is a 
non-breaking space (&nbsp;) Hope this shows up and isn't converted into 

Below is the the code I copied from your site (except for the pre), I 
have added a line break after each link to make it easier to read:
<pre><p align="center"><a href="">Home</a>
<font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;|&nbsp; <a 
href="">Contact </a> &nbsp;| <a 
&nbsp; | <a 
&nbsp; |&nbsp;<a href=""> 
&nbsp; | <a href="sponsors/index">&nbsp;</a><a 
&nbsp; |&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="faq">FAQ</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp; |&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="privacy">Privacy</a></p></pre>

So, not being familiar with FrontPage, I can't say why this would change

from day to day.



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