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Mike -
As a high school kid just out of high school working mired in the technology industry and making a damn good living (just bought my
house at 22 thank you very much) at it, I resent the thought that there is zero intelligence running around in kids these days.
Granted, I certainly remember much of the rest of my class and it was frightening...

Kathy -
I like that G4, but it runs much faster with 1024MB in it :-)
I also like the dual PIII 750 with 768MB, which happens to render more than twice as fast, but who's counting?

And to the original post -
The statement about Mac resolutions is not entirely true. You can change the desktop resolution on every Mac I've ever worked on
including a G3 and G4. Perhaps you are referring to something with the monitor built in and an OS specifically designed for that
machine (Mac Classic? :-) but you are quite able to change the resolution as much as you'd like. They may be in-between standards
for the Windows platform (832x624 and so on), but that should be about all one needs to look out for.



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KathyW remarked so intelligently:
>Test, test, test, validate and don't break your heart when someone says it
>doesn't work on their version of
>Like you say ...
> > Gotta love this industry!

So true, and I'm so glad it's difficult.  No one pays good money for easy
jobs that high school kids could do.  We have enough problems with high
school kids as it is without making commercial and big sites easy for them
to do as well.  Next thing we'll have high schools setting up web
development companies as sidelines to help the building fund along! ..


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